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P259 Control Line


Dacron control line for beginners and 1/2A planes.54 feet..


P262 Glow Clips


Fully assembled Glow Plug Clip with battery cord attached, ready to use...


P27-29 and P41-...

6.11 => 38.35

Use Clear PVC for water, glow fuel and air.Flexible Silicone for glow fuels, water, and springs.Ambe..


P52 Manual Fuel...


Metal 26mm cap for most pint and quart metal fuel cans. Has O ring seal...


P60-P65, P67 an...

2.11 => 12.94

Rubber tires with Aluminum or Zinc hubs.P60 - Balloon 1/2"P61 - Balloon 3/4"P62 - Balloon 1"P63 - Ba..


P80-P84 Model L...

2.99 => 7.64

Lubricants in a 1/2 ounce oval bottles with cap and needle point dispenser.P80 - Model Racing Oil - ..

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